Trying something new…

Lately I have just been feeling stuck. I’m restless, irritable and discontent and I know exactly what I need to do about it but I’m finding it extremely difficult. I’m very lucky with where I live in that I have a choice of two meetings a day every day of the week but I just haven’t really found anyone I feel comfortable really sharing with yet. I did previously have a sponsor but he moved on and since then I’ve been feeling pretty lost. So, with that in mind I decided to step outside of my comfort zone tonight and go to a meeting in a town I had never set foot in before. It was huge and absolutely filled with people, it was pretty intimidating. The old negative thought processes kicked in and my anxiety went into full flight so I left at the smoke break after the share. Feeling pretty annoyed with myself now and I’m wondering if the reason I haven’t been able to really share with someone is because I haven’t truly put the effort in to find someone I want to share with…

Still, tomorrow is another day and maybe I’ll just try again.


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